From time to time, a new company is created on the non-bank loans market in Poland, which wants to attract customers with its innovative offer. Good Finance has just joined the group of lenders. What does the Good Finance loan want to attract customers? What is their offer and do they have any promotions? You will find out in our article about this company. Check!

New at Good Finance


The company has prepared a new offer for its clients. This time it is increasing the maximum loan amount to USD 5,000. Recently, borrowers could afford to pay a payday loan of USD 4,000. The payback period is normally 30 days.

To properly take out a loan, you need to choose the loan amount and repayment time on the virtual calculator, and complete the personal details requested by the lender. Consideration of the application is only 15 minutes, if we get a positive response from the company, the amounts due will be transferred to our bank account.

First Loan in Good Finance for free


Good Finance’s offer includes first loan up to USD 1,000 for free for new customers.

Conditions to be met by the borrower:

  • This person must be between 20 and 76 years old,
  • He is a full Polish citizen,
  • Has permanent registration in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • Has an active phone number and email address that you will need to contact the lender.

Good Finance offer


Good Finance specializes in short-term online loans. We can get a payday loan at Good Finance quickly, safely and without leaving the house. The company operates on the international market, while in Poland it began operating in 2013. Good Finance belongs and it is one of the more prestigious companies providing non-bank loans on the Polish market.

To take out a loan at Good Finance, all you have to do is enter the company website and register on it. The next step will be to complete the form and send it to the lender. During the loan process, you must make a verification transfer of USD 0.01 to your Good Finance bank account number.

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