Employee loan is a popular form of obtaining extra money for sudden or planned expenses. However, it is not always available. http://www.unitedtribesofmichigan.org/apply-easily-and-securely-for-payday-loans-online-no-credit-check/ for a critique

Employee loan – for whom?


Quite logically, the employee loan is intended for employees of the establishment providing such a benefit. However, it is not available in every company, but only in those that make them available under the company’s social benefits fund. The employer is also not obliged to grant an employee loan – this benefit is voluntary.

Advantages of an employee loan

An employee loan can be an excellent alternative to a bank loan for several reasons. The first is easy access: after all, the employer knows well what the earnings are, and therefore the financial possibilities of the employee. The employee loan is also free of VAT, and for that it is only subject to tax on civil law transactions. The taxable amount is the value of the loan, but there are also cases where the benefit will be tax-free.

How is an employee loan repaid?


Employee loans are usually repaid on the basis of the employer’s authorization to deduct the agreed installments from the employee’s remuneration. In this way, obligations are always settled on time.

An alternative to employee loan


An employee loan is not always possible, so you need to look for other solutions that will allow you to get cash at a low cost. One of the best ideas is to take a payday loan or installment loan on favorable terms.

Installment loans in Good Finance

Installment loans in Good Finance

Installment loans at Good Finance can be a successful alternative to an employee loan. All you have to do is go to the company’s website and complete the application. The first loan is granted in the amount of USD 1,000 to USD 10,000, which can be spread over 2 to 48 installments. So this means that repayments can be settled in 2 months or spread over 4 years!

Instant loan from Good Finance

By using the services of Good Finance, you can count on immediate consideration of the application and payment of the loan. To this end, you must prepare all the data required in the form and meet the conditions. ID card, bank account number and contact phone number will also be useful. Confirmation of income from the employer is not required!

Employee loan or Good Finance installment loan?


What is better to choose should be determined by the conditions on which the loan would be taken. We are talking here not only about interest rates, but also about the amount of installments, repayment time, or possible changes in the initial arrangements for paying the debt.

At Good Finance, you can contact customer service in the event of problems and work out a problem together. The employer does not have to accept similar facilities. Let us remember, however, that the decision on where to get a loan should always be ours alone.

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