Since the second half of 2008, but especially in recent months, there has been a keen interest in Almora loans. The main causes of this phenomenon are discussed below.

Generally speaking, demand for Almora loans increased at about the same time as Hungarian banking conditions tightened. Almora banks are more flexible and simpler in administration, mainly due to differences between banks in the two countries. The Almora loan is for a term of up to 20 years. We should be aware that the interest rate depends on the bank’s individual credit assessment decision, usually between 6 and 10 percent. Contrary to Hungarian practice, the loan is repaid not in monthly installments, but in quarterly installments.


Our income conditions are less taken into consideration

Our income conditions are less taken into consideration

The most important condition being the existence of proper real estate collateral: if this is fulfilled, the loan agreement can be concluded in a short time. We charge a one-time management fee, usually 1-3%, after which you only have to pay a specific interest. There is also the possibility of early repayment, ie we can repay the loan at any time during the term. Prepayment is free of charge; in case of early repayment, the Almora financial institution will charge 1 percent of our current balance. Almost all Almora banks across the border accept Hungarian clients and sometimes speak Hungarian.

Unfortunately, in the event that the debtor becomes insolvent, the property is unfortunately taken over by the bank – and this is no different in Hungary. Lenders, on the other hand, are flexible when they have a problem with their payment, or even change their payment deadlines several times if they see us willing to pay.


When can Almora bank credit come into play?

When can Almora bank credit come into play?

  • if you do not get credit at home
  • Has been added to the BAR list
  • has marketable real estate collateral
  • does not want or cannot provide proof of income
  • he does not want to take foreign currency risk
  • your business does not receive a Zero Certificate of Taxation

When considering an Almora loan, be sure to seek the help of a qualified consultant to help you make the long-term decision!


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